Digital Agriculture Technologies for Irrigation efficiency

DATI project

The DATI project is coordinated by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto per la BioEconomia and financed with 1.5 million euros within the Euro-Mediterranean, Prima 2020 program.

The objective of the project is the development of new technological solutions in the field of digital agriculture through the use of drones, satellite images, agro-meteo stations that will allow water savings of 15-20% compared to the traditional irrigation system.

Partnership: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto per la BioEconomia (Italy), Faculté Pluridisciplinaire de Nador – Université Mohammed Premier (Morocco), University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Portugal), Spanish National Research Council – Institute of Agricultural Sciences (Spain), Institut Agro-Montpellier (France), Consorzio di Bonifica 6 Toscana Sud (Italy), Ente Terre Regionali Toscane (Italy)

Project information

Location: Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Morocco

Start date: July 2021

Duration: 36 months

Budget: 1.020.180 €


of water is due to agricultural


of the world’s population is considered «poor» in term of water

The main consumer of freshwater in the southern Mediterranean area

Today climate change already has a significant impact on
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Pilot Demo Farms

The systems will be developed in pilot demo farms located in five representative Mediterranean countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Morocco.
Each case study will implement different low-cost Technology Solution, called in the project as TECH SOLUTION for crop monitoring

Innovative low-cost technologies

Wireless Sensors Networks

For agrometeorological monitoring

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Coupled with different sensors

Free satellite imagery

Free data based on the area of interest

Irrigation Systems

Precise irrigation

Decision support systems

To solve problems and in decision-making

Web interfaces

Associated with data-driven soil and plant models



Publication French wine magazine

Based on the article published in Oeno One in 2022 Towards a regional mapping of vine water status based on crowdsourcing observations. The French team on the DATI project (Léo Pichon, Guilhem Brunel, Yulin Zhang and Bruno Tisseyre) has produced a technical review...

Dati Meeting in Madrid, October 2023

Dati Meeting in Madrid, October 2023

The DATI meeting took place in Madrid in October 2023. This gathering, whichbrought together the participants of the five countries proved to be extremely fruitfuland enriching. The first day, each participant shared the progress made in the lastyear of field...

DATI project: esperti a confronto ad Alberese

DATI project: esperti a confronto ad Alberese

Il Granaio Lorenese della Tenuta di Alberese ha ospitato “Field Day: Dati project”. Una buona partecipazione delle realtà del territorio, delle istituzioni e delle aziende agricole interessate al confronto per affrontare le nuove sfide in campo agricolo. Il dottor...

Soil analysis in France

Soil analysis in France

Within the framework of the DATI project, various experiments are being conducted by Yulin Zhang, a PhD student at UMR ITAP, on the Domaine du Chapitre in order to characterize vine water stress using observation data such as the Apex index, which can be calculated...

DATI mid- term meeting in Montpellier

DATI mid- term meeting in Montpellier

An important moment to share the aim of our activities and have common impressions about the DATI Project. Yesterday we met at the campus of Institut Agro Montpellier and today we'll go to inspect the Demo Farm.

Seminar “Water, Agriculture and Climate Change”

Seminar “Water, Agriculture and Climate Change”

This video is an extract from the seminar organised by the AgroTIC Chair in collaboration with the "Water, Agriculture and Climate Change" Chair (on 13 December 2022, at Bordeaux Sciences Agro. The objective of this seminar was to take a closer look at the...