The DATI meeting took place in Madrid in October 2023. This gathering, which
brought together the participants of the five countries proved to be extremely fruitful
and enriching. The first day, each participant shared the progress made in the last
year of field campaigning, showcasing promising results towards the end of our
project. These achievements are a testament to the hard work and collaboration
among all the members. Additionally, the valuable exchange about research was
highlighted by the warm reception we received from our hosts in Spain. On the
second day, we visited ‘El Socorro’, an experimental field, where we had the
opportunity to learn about the various vine pruning techniques used around the
world. Finally, the meeting focused on the deliverables that need to be completed for
the project’s conclusion in 2024. This meeting provided us with the opportunity to
review our final objectives and reaffirm our commitment to innovation and
sustainability in agriculture. We left Madrid with our sights set on future challenges,
inspired and more united than ever in our mission to transform agriculture for the