Based on the article published in Oeno One in 2022 Towards a regional mapping of vine water status based on crowdsourcing observations. The French team on the DATI project (Léo Pichon, Guilhem Brunel, Yulin Zhang and Bruno Tisseyre) has produced a technical review targeting viticulture technicians and advisers, to make the research results presented in the Oeno One publication more accessible. Advisors and technicians can now become familiar with the collaborative collection of the Apex growth index for regional monitoring purposes.

The technical review was first published in 2023 in English in the journal IVES (DOI: In the coming days, a French version will be available in the Revue Français d’Oenologie. This review is widely consulted by various stakeholders in the French wine industry and will help to spread the use of the Apex Vigne application and its method for monitoring water stress in vines.